How Choose The Perfect Wedding Handbag

How Choose The Perfect Wedding Handbag

Handbags for Dress at Wedding - Which to Choose?
A handbag is an essential attribute of every woman. It is hard to imagine any outing without this
important accessory, in which we keep the most important and necessary things. The same is true for
a wedding. Along with a dress, shoes and jewelry, a handbag for a wedding is a basic element of the
outfit for this important ceremony. Which handbag to choose for a wedding? How to match it with
an evening dress and which handbags should not be combined with an elegant styling?
What to consider when choosing a handbag for a wedding?
A wedding is an elegant and festive occasion, therefore, especially for women, care should be taken
in choosing the wedding attire. Firstly, white or cream dresses should be avoided, as this color is
reserved for the bride. One should also not wear overly decorative and sophisticated attire, as
admiration should be primarily given to the young wife. Dresses that are too short and low-cut are
also not appropriate, as despite the wedding being a joyful event, one should maintain a sense of
fashion and dress appropriately for the formal and festive nature of the occasion. The wedding
requires attire that is sophisticated and in good taste, appropriate for such an occasion.
Accessories are also extremely important and should not be excessive and matched appropriately
with the attire. This rule also applies to handbags, when choosing, one should take into account the
cut and color of the dress. And what about wedding handbags? Should the bride even have a
How to match a handbag for a wedding?
A wedding is one of the most important events in a bride's life, during which she can wear her dream
dress. It is also an important event for the guests who will accompany the young couple on this
important day, especially for women who have the opportunity to show themselves in an elegant
styling. Sometimes, choosing the right outfit and accessories can be problematic, so it is easy to make
a fashion faux pas. One of the elements that needs to be thought through is the handbag for the
dress. It is an essential accessory as it is where women keep their documents, keys, tissues, and also
cosmetics that are useful for improving the wedding makeup. It is important that it matches the
dress. Which handbags will be the best?
How to match a handbag to a dress for a wedding?
The bride's handbag is not essential, but it may prove useful to be able to put the most important
things and makeup cosmetics in it. During the ceremony at the Civil Registry Office or in the temple,
the bride's handbag can be held by the maid of honor or another trusted person so that the
accessory does not interfere during the wedding vows. Furthermore, it is customary for the bride to
hold flowers in her hands, so the handbag could be in the way. For these reasons, the bride does not
have a handbag. The bride's handbag should be discreet and delicate, as it is only an accessory, as
the most important thing on that day is the dress.
The handbag should be matched to the wedding dress and its main style, as a handbag with crystals
would not match a boho style wedding dress.
The best solution will be a clutch in colors similar to the dress or a small evening bag on a delicate
chain. The best will be handbags in beige, ecru, flesh-colored or silver. With some stylizations, golden
or delicate pink shades also work well.
Is the bride's handbag necessary? Statistically, it turns out that it is. It is a small accessory, and you
can put makeup items or tissues in it.

The appropriate handbag for a wedding dress
Despite everything, the more difficult choice in choosing a handbag is for the women invited to the
wedding, who should match it to the color and pattern of the chosen dress.
Lace dresses - regardless of the color of the dress, here the best choice will be small black or ecru
Cool colors - here a silver handbag will work great. However, one should remember that if the choice
falls on this metallic shade, one should not exaggerate with the amount of jewelry.
Pastel colors - the perfect choice in this case is a beige or ecru handbag, however, it is so universal
that it will match most wedding dress colors.
Patterned dresses - in this case, smooth handbags in subdued colors will be best. The handbag can
have a pattern or emblem that relates to the pattern on the dress.
These handbags can have additional decorations in the form of sequins, beads, glitter, a chain strap
or other decorations - it is important not to overdo it with the variety of decorations and accessories.

What kind of wedding bag will be the best in terms of type?
Clutch – if you are looking for a sophisticated and small bag for a wedding, a clutch will be the perfect
solution. Traditionally, this small bag is held in the hand, although some types have a delicate chain.
This type of bag can only hold basic things: keys, phone, lipstick, so some women consider its size a
disadvantage. However, it should be remembered that at the wedding you should not take too many
things, only those absolutely necessary. The clutch bag goes well with practically any elegant dress
for a wedding, regardless of color and cut.
Box – small bags with a clasp. They resemble a wallet in appearance. Box bags are evening bags that
are slightly wider than a clutch. They are also held by hand and some models have a delicate chain to
wear on the shoulder.
Trunk – small-sized evening bags of the trunk type will also be a good choice for a wedding dress.
This type of bag is larger than a clutch and a box, which will please ladies who usually take a lot of
things with them.
Round bag – a small round bag will be perfect for a lightweight dress in a boho style. Even straw
round bags will match these dresses.

Is it necessary for evening bags to match shoes?
The rule that the bag has to match the shoes in terms of color is no longer in effect. Deviations from
this norm were once considered a lack of taste and going against fashion norms. Nowadays, fashion
is changing and full of experiments, so the idea that a bag always has to match the shoes in color is
being phased out. Shoes should match the dress first and foremost. Women often make concessions
and choose nude heels that match almost any elegant bag or clutch.

However, what is important is that the bag should have a similar texture material to the shoes. This
means that if the heels are matte, the clutch or other wedding bags should not be made of metallic
or glittery materials.

What bags are not suitable for a wedding?
In general, for dresses and heels, evening bags such as clutch bags, pouches, and small suitcases
should be chosen. They should be elegant and match the outfit in terms of design and color. A
sophisticated outfit will not suit a messenger bag, backpack, shopper bag, or large city bag, which are
all typically used on a daily basis.
A bag that is too big will not look good in combination with a delicate and elegant dress. During
ceremonies such as weddings, minimalism and classic elegance should be maintained. The bag
should be a tasteful addition, not overpowering the overall outfit.
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