Learn how to carry your clutch bag

Learn how to carry your clutch bag

1. Choose the right clutch for the occasion. There are many different styles and sizes of clutches available, so choose one that best fits the occasion. Consider a smaller clutch for more formal occasions and a larger one for more casual events.

2. Determine how to carry your clutch. There are several ways to carry a clutch, including in your hand, at your waist, or even over your shoulder. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you and fits with the outfit you’re wearing Justbagzz suede envelope clutch bags include a chain shoulder strap aswell as a writstlet band. Which makes if perfect to carry your bag in more then one way. 


3. Use the clutch to store your essentials. A clutch should only carry the basics, such as a phone, wallet, keys, and a few makeup items. Anything else should be left at home.

4. Keep the clutch closed when not in use. To protect your items, keep the clutch closed when not in use. This will also help to prevent anything from spilling out.

5. Take care of your clutch. Treat your clutch with care to ensure it lasts longer. If the clutch is made of leather, make sure to condition it periodically.

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